photo credit: Yang Wang, as I was all stylin'
photo credit: Yang Wang, as I was all stylin'
about me
Who's Marc?
I'm a Seattle based artist/designer who loves the outdoors. Originally from Buffalo, NY, I packed up the car to head west after studying Literature and Fine Arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Having developed a passion for running and skiing throughout my life, it could be said that I headed west seeking a perfect balance between an artistic career with access to a mountain filled wilderness. During my time in Seattle I've worked on mapping ski resorts for Google, creating visual travel narratives for Expedia, and designing editorial content for zulily. Not to mention designing identity and promo work for local deejays.

Off screen: I can be found trail running, mountaineering or skiing with a Fujifilm X-T2 in hand (click that Instagram icon!) I also love reading literature and writing. (I'm a nerd: so tangential thoughts involve ecology, economics, folktales, Tolkien and Dune. )
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